Tales of the Valiant Alpha
Tales of the Valiant Alpha

Tell Your Own Tales!

Whether you are a decades-long veteran of multiple editions of Dungeons & Dragons, or a new player looking for a game empowered by the tabletop community, the Tales of the Valiant Alpha Release delivers the full experience to you. All the tools of high adventure are here—plus new twists and new options born in the Kobold Press dungeons!

This Alpha Release includes:

  • Full character creation rules, adventuring equipment, and spell selections
  • Powerful fighter options like the Spell Blade and Weapon Master
  • Clever rogue options like the Enforcer and Thief
  • Classic wizard options like the Battle Mage and the Cantrip Adept
  • More than 70 monsters including the crimson jelly, husk demon, owlbear, void dragon, mechadron, rust monster, skeleton, sporeborn, and more

With support for every play style from story-driven narrative gaming to rules-heavy dungeon-delving, Tales of the Valiant RPG is the sharp blade you need to slay dragons, seize treasure, and tell your own tales!

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Valiant!

Table Of Contents


Character Creation

  • Character Classes
  • Lineage & Heritage
  • Backgrounds
  • Talents

Playing the Game

  • Rolling the Dice
  • Adventuring
  • Combat

Equipment & Magic Items

  • Equipment
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Adventuring Gear and Tools
  • Mounts and Vehicles
  • Magic Items
  • Magic Item Descriptions


  • What is a Spell?
  • Elements of A Spell
  • Arcane Circle Spell List
  • Divine Circle Spell List
  • Spell Descriptions


  • Optional Rule: Doom
  • How to Use These Monsters
  • Elements of a Stat Block
  • Monsters A-Z