An Urgent Request
An Urgent Request

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An Urgent Request is a standalone adventure set in the Roku Era. If you’ve never run a game of Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game before, this adventure is a great way to start—it includes all the elements you need for an exciting episode of your very own. An Urgent Request can also be used in an ongoing Roku Era campaign. The adventure is set in the Fire Nation and features a plot against Princess Zeisan and the Guiding Wind, a rogue movement of Air Nomads.

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Table Of Contents
Table of Contents

An Urgent Request

  • Using This Adventure
  • Summary


Important Characters & Groups

  • Princess Zeisan
  • Sister Rioshon
  • Minister Zianda
  • Mio
  • Mio's Firebenders
  • Tiger-Monkey
  • Khandro

Important Locations

  • Rioshon's Apartment
  • Hari Bulkan Square
  • Open Air Market
  • Unzai's Tea House
  • The City Streets House

GM Advice

Princess Zeisan

Pregenerated Characters

  • Nyanchi, the Bold
  • Ezra, the Hammer
  • Boin, the Guardian
  • Zeebee, the Rogue