Ash & Steel
Ash & Steel

In this adventure, you have been asked to offer protection to defectors offering war plans stolen from Fire Lord Ozai's palace in exchange for asylum in Ba Sing Se. As machinations unfold, you must decide who to trust in this web of lies.

The companions are tasked with providing security for Onomu, a Fire Nation defector who is offering war plans stolen from Fire Lord Ozai's palace to Grand Secretariat Long Feng in exchange for asylum in Ba Sing Se. However, a hero's job is never easy, and a few obstacles stand in their way. The Armadillo Bears, a group of Earth Kingdom rebels, heard Onomu is in the Earth Kingdom and want to capture her. The Rough Rhinos also have orders to capture or kill the defector and destroy the war plans at all costs. Meanwhile, from the shadows, Long Feng moves his pieces across the Pai Sho table, benefiting greatly from the chaos.

This purchase unlocks the contents of this source in the Digital Reader and Game Compendium on Avatar Legends NEXUS, as well as in additional features as they enter Early Access.

Table Of Contents
Table of Contents

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Important Characters & Groups

  • Long Feng
  • Onomu
  • Yanran
  • Dai Li Agent
  • Dai Li Agent Group
  • The Armadillo-Bears
  • Ben Ta
  • Rameh
  • Colonel Mongke
  • Ogodei (Rough Rhino)
  • Kahchi (Rough Rhino)
  • Yeh-Lu (Rough Rhino)
  • Vachir (Rough Rhino)
  • Fire Nation Captain
  • Fire Nation Soldiers

Important Locations

  • West Heiatu
  • So Bai Oasis
  • Xiadi
  • Laoshan
  • An Outpost of Ba Sing Se

GM Advice

Pregenerated Characters

  • Xinyi, The Adamant
  • Nalu, The Hammer
  • Lana, The Icon
  • Zimo, The Pillar
  • Xiao, The Prodigy