Earth & Root
Earth & Root

In this adventure, you have been given the task of hunting down a notorious daofei by the renowned Firebender Rangi while she attends to her duties as companion to the Avatar. You must prove yourself by stopping this villain before Rangi returns from her travels.

The Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se is in chaos after a daofei outlaw kidnaps the two children of Fire Nation Ambassador Quin. The Ambassador has called in her own highly-skilled Fire Nation guards to find her children because she is mistrustful of the Earth Kingdom anti-corruption task force called in to do the job. And the Ambassador is right to be suspicious. The task force is using this event as an excuse to finally round up all the criminals they want, regardless of whether they had anything to do with the kidnapping, and a new daofei mercenary group is using this distraction to wreak havoc in the Lower Ring. Famed firebender Rangi knows that without intervention, Ba Sing Se is in trouble. She tasks heroes with ensuring the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se stays stable until she can return with the Avatar.

This purchase unlocks the contents of this source in the Digital Reader and Game Compendium on Avatar Legends NEXUS, as well as in additional features as they enter Early Access.

Table Of Contents
Table of Contents

Using This Adventure



Important Characters & Groups

  • Rangi
  • Mengyao
  • The Fanged Mercenaries
  • Hana
  • Lei Fang
  • Ambassador Quin
  • Tan
  • Tans Firebenders
  • Anti-Corruption Task Force
  • Yong

Important Locations

  • Mengyao's Hideout
  • Loongkau's Lucky Pocket
  • Gan's Noodle Shop
  • Wood Frog Lumberyard
  • Lowtown Laundry

GM Advice

Pregenerated Characters

  • Tao, The Adamant
  • Masaru, the Bold
  • Sarnai, The Guardian
  • Jing, The Prodigy
  • Quartz, The Successor

Appendix: Techniques