The Burning Fuse
The Burning Fuse

In the wake of the Earth Empire’s thwarted siege, Republic City is struggling to rebuild and heal the scars of war. The inventor Juniper Kim once worked for the Earth Empire, but now she develops peacetime uses for Earth Empire weaponry and tech. Early yesterday morning, Juniper discovered the spirit energy canisters and weapons were missing from her lab. In the wrong hands, the canisters and weapons can be deadly, and to make matters worse, many of the canisters have the potential to cause a devastating explosion! Juniper called her friend Asami Sato to help deal with the press flooding the scene and to prevent a mass panic from gripping the city, but the police are stretched thin looking for the missing weapons, so she needs the help of some discreet allies to locate the canisters. Can the companions recover the canisters before Republic City’s fresh wounds open once more?

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Table Of Contents
Table of Contents

The Burning Fuse

  • Using This Adventure
  • Summary


Important Characters & Groups

  • Asami Sato
  • Juniper Kim
  • The Equalists
  • Yoshiro, the Iron Dragon
  • The Rising Flame Triad
  • Xiaolan
  • The Peace Lily Society
  • Metog
  • Skoochy
  • Police Group
  • Detective Jiang
  • Protestor Group

Important Locations

  • Juniper Kim's Lab
  • Republic City Tunnel Network
  • The Lucky Cranefish Gambling House
  • The Auspicious Bear

GM Advice

Asami Sato

Pregenerated Characters

  • Rinzen, the Bold
  • Samten, the Idealist
  • Kuyan, the Pillar
  • Tsemo, the Prodigy
  • Nianzhen, the Hammer