The Pirates of Crimson Sails
The Pirates of Crimson Sails

Crimson Sails is an island filled with pirates, no-good scoundrels, and more than a few outlaws. It’s a place that sends most law-abiding citizens running…and exactly where Fire Lord Zuko sends the heroes on a mission of utmost importance! The pirates—who were mostly quiet during the Hundred Year War—are suddenly attacking Fire Nation vessels! In fact, they’ve stolen money and critical supplies the Fire Lord promised to the Earth Kingdom; the precious cargo must be returned before it starts an international incident. Left with few options, Zuko enlists the heroes to help retrieve the stolen goods! Only the companions, fresh faces who won’t be recognized by the pirates, can slip past their defenses, infiltrate their close-knit society, and recover the money and supplies in time!

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Table Of Contents
Table of Contents

Pirates of Crimson Sails

  • Using This Adventure
  • Summary


Important Characters & Groups

  • Fire Lord Zuko
  • Crew of the Pyre Howler
  • High Captain Ningka
  • Crew of the Burning Wave
  • Captain Duga
  • Crew of the Renegade Phoenix
  • Captain Tengfei
  • The Dancing Nobleman Fleet
  • Captain Mosi
  • Kangana
  • Wing
  • Pirate
  • Small Pirate Crew
  • Fire Nation Soldier Group

Important Locations

  • Captain's Isle
  • The Pyre Howler
  • The Burning Wave
  • The Renegade Phoenix
  • The Barge

GM Advice


Pregenerated Characters

  • Xi, the Adamant
  • He Xing, the Icon
  • Kahola, the Successor
  • Honu, the Guardian
  • Bin, the Rogue