Core Rulebook
Core Rulebook

You saw what you shouldn’t have, the veil pulled back from the secret world and the monsters who prowl it. You chronicled the tragedies they wrought, these monsters, and the victims upon whom they preyed. You grasped the extent of their influence and witnessed the corruption of the organizations formed to keep them in check. And you vowed to do something about it. Tonight, you act. It’s time for a Reckoning.


  • Introduces the Hunters of the World of Darkness for 5th Edition
  • Features chapters on character creation, supernatural threats, and rival organizations

This title unlocks the contents of this source in the Digital Reader and Game Compendium on Hunter: The Reckoning NEXUS, as well as in additional features as they enter Early Access.


Table Of Contents
Table of Contents


  • A Call to Action
  • Storytelling Games and Roleplaying
  • A Hunter Lexicon

Chapter One: A Coming Reckoning

  • A World of Darkness
  • What is the Hunter’s Creed?
  • The Hunter's Journey
  • The Hunt
  • Creeds: Hunter Protagonists
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Faithful
  • Inquisitive
  • Martial
  • Underground

Chapter Two: Characters

  • Character Creation Summary
  • Why and Who?
  • Creed and Drive

Chapter Three: Edges and Equipment

  • Concepts and Flexibility
  • Systems
  • Systems
  • Assets
  • Assets
  • Aptitudes
  • Aptitudes
  • Endowments
  • Weapons

Chapter Four: Rules

  • Time
  • Using Dice
  • The Golden Rule
  • Rules of the Reckoning
  • Hunter Characteristics: Creeds, Drives and Edges

Chapter Five: Storytelling

  • Chronicle Tenets
  • What’s In a Story?
  • Your Troupe and Toolbox
  • Structuring Stories
  • Core Concepts
  • Behind the Storytelling Scenes
  • Player Engagement
  • Character Design
  • Story Design
  • The Art of Storytelling

Chapter Six: Supernatural Threats

  • Antagonist Formats
  • Antagonist Formats
  • Tools of Terror and Flaws of the Foe
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Sorcerers and Their Creations
  • Ghosts
  • Fair Folk and Stranger Things

Chapter Seven: Rival Organizations

  • Organization Types
  • Special Affairs Division (U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  • Information Awareness Office (IAO)
  • Society of St. Leopold
  • The Arcanum
  • BOPE-RJ (BOES of Rio de Janeiro)
  • Manila Department of Justice: Special Rehabilitation Program
  • Monster-X
  • The Nails of Christ
  • The Order of the Rose
  • Orpheus Group
  • Re:Venge
  • Hunter Org Antagonists
  • Other Common Antagonists

Appendix: Advice for Considerate Play

  • Consequence Systems
  • Calibration Techniques