The Murderworld That Time Forgot
The Murderworld That Time Forgot

Already a Winner!

Hired by a mysterious client, the hitman Arcade builds a new Murderworld hidden in the legendary jungles of the Savage Land, and your Super Heroes are captured to become its first challengers! THE MURDERWORLD THAT TIME FORGOT features prehistoric-themed deathtrap dangers for characters Rank 1-3 to survive.

  • A dangerous adventure written by Marvel Comics writer Jim Zub (Murderworld, Thunderbolts) that can be used as a standalone one-shot or integrated into your ongoing campaign
  • Fully loaded character tools that allow you to create, rank up, manage, and play with your characters to streamline your in-person or online play experience
  • Beautifully illustrated maps by Brian Patterson for key locations featured in the adventure
  • Stunning new artwork by Paco Medina, Yen Nitro, Sean Izaakse & Shane M. Bailey to set the Murderworld's stage
  • GM guidance for new and experienced game runners to expand and improve your skills
  • Eight ready-to-use character profiles loaded into the Demiplane toolset, including the nefarious Arcade!

Purchasing this digital title unlocks the content in the digital reader on Marvel Multiverse RPG NEXUS, as well as in additional tools as they become available.

This title is exclusively available on Marvel Multiverse RPG NEXUS.

Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

/1/ Introduction

  • Narrators Only!
  • What You Need
  • About This Adventure

/2/ The Adventure

  • Scene 1: Already A Winner!
  • Scene 2: Welcome to Murderworld!
  • Scene 3: Just Like Flies
  • Scene 4: A Little Help?
  • Scene 5: Somewhere Safe?
  • Scene 6: Danger in the Dark
  • Scene 7: Big Dino Action
  • Scene 8: Big Finish
  • Rewards
  • Post-Mortem: Improving Your Game

Character Profiles