Core Book

Everything must be recorded. All the People do must be taken note of, nothing forgotten. The Elder has been saying that as long as you can remember. The most gifted among you he made Chroniclers, tasked with writing down the fate of the People in yellowed notebooks. You have filled many books by now. The Elder will soon be gone – but you won’t betray your pledge to him.

Typical Names: Erister, Olias, Maxim, Silas, Victon, Amara, Danova, Johalin, Hanneth, Miri

Key Attribute: Empathy

Specialist Skill: Inspire


Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

  • Face: sickly pale skin, hairless head, friendly face, piercing eyes, serious
  • Body: skinny, hunchback, abnormally tiny, gnarled
  • Clothes: worn coveralls with a number on it, raincoat, worn suit, covered by paraphernalia from the Old Age.

Choose one, you can learn more later. Talents are explained in Chapter 4.


Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

  • is the hero of your story, but doesn’t know it.
  • doesn’t understand his own good, and needs to be saved.
  • is a threat to the entire People.
  • will die soon. It’s only a matter of time.

Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

You hate:
  • The Chronicler Davin, whose lies the People love listening to.
  • The Boss Marlotte, who is an uncivilized barbarian.
  • The Stalker Kara, who refused to be the hero of your story.
You need to protect:
  • Your worn notebook.
  • The Boss Johammed, who wants what’s best for the People.
  • The Gearhead Pontiak. His talents are needed in the Dawnworld.

Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

  • For the Ark to become a place of culture and learning.
  • To write the great story of how the People find Eden.
  • To bring children to the People and teach a daughter or son all they need to know about the Dawnworld.

You start the game with D6 bullets, D6 rations of grub and D6 rations of water.

You get no weapons for free, but you can buy gear with your bullets.