Dog Handler
Core Book

If there’s something the Ark is not in short supply of, it’s wild mutts. You can’t even remember how your sorry excuse for a dog became yours, but now it’s worth more to you than any mutant. You live in a symbiotic mutual dependency – you give your dog grub, and it will tear the jugular off anyone who stands in your way.

Typical Names: Finn, Jony, Mohan, Montiak, Rasper, Anny, Brie, Krinnel, Linna, Sofin

Dog Names: Grim, Grock, Fingo

Key Attribute: Agility

Specialist Skill: Sic a Dog


Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

  • Face: hairless, scarred, pastry pale, unblinking, disfigured
  • Body: wiry, scrawny, short, hunched
  • Clothes: overalls, padded jacket, leather jacket, hoodie, heavy boots

Choose one, you can learn more later. Talents are explained in Chapter 4.


Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

  • is disliked by your dog. And therefore, by you as well.
  • thinks he is all that. Idiot.
  • clearly dislikes you and your dog.
  • is the object of your secret desires.

Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

You hate:
  • The Fixer Sixter, who has seen you cry and needs to die.
  • The Enforcer Jonats, who kicked your last dog to death.
  • The Boss Marlotte, who tries to control you.
You need to protect:
  • The Boss Johammed, who gives you and your dog grub.
  • The Chronicler Astrina, who loves you but won’t admit it.
  • Your dog. Her life is worth that of ten of those lousy mutants.

Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

  • To kill the next mutant who looks at you sideways.
  • For the one you desire to feel the same way about you.
  • To leave the Ark with your dog and find a better life elsewhere.

You start the game with D6 bullets, D6 rations of grub and D6 rations of water.

Choose one of the following starting weapons: bicycle chain, scrap knife, slingshot, scrap rifle. You can buy extra gear with your bullets.