Core Book, Starter Booklet

Bullets? Grub? Water? Artifacts? A warm body next to yours? Whatever people want, you can get it. Somehow. Seeing the needs of others and fulfilling them, that has been your strategy for survival as long as you can remember. Since you were a weak little runt and learned to survive by staying close to the strong kids.

Typical Names: Abed, Denrik, Fillix, Jonar, Leodor, Jolisa, Lula, Marlian, Monja, Novia

Key Attribute: Empathy

Specialist Skill: Make a Deal


Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

  • Face: pleasant, always smiling, unnaturally attractive, greasy
  • Body: slender, skinny, short, abnormally fat, no legs
  • Clothes: suit, dress, colorful T-shirt, leather coat, hat, gloves

Choose one, you can learn more later. Talents are explained in Chapter 4.


Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

  • scammed you out of some bullets. He’s going to pay for it.
  • saved you from trouble. What does he want in return?
  • is your way to the top. Stay close.
  • is stupid and easy to manipulate.

Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

You hate:
  • The Fixer Milix, who owes you bullets but won’t pay up.
  • The Boss Johammed, who double-crossed you and had Enforcers beat you up.
  • The Gearhead Pontiak, who never delivers what he promises.
You need to protect:
  • The Enforcer Jonats. You need him and he needs you.
  • The Stalker Yassan, because of the loot he can find in the Zone.
  • The Boss Marlotte, who is your protector in the Ark.

Choose below or decide for yourself.

  • To make a deal big enough to give you bullets to last a lifetime.
  • To one day become a boss and get a gang of you own.

You start the game with 2D6 bullets, 2D6 rations of grub and D6 rations of water.

Choose one of the following starting weapons: scrap knife, brass knuckles, scrap derringer (all are light weapons). You can buy extra gear with your bullets.