Core Book, Starter Booklet

Let them stare at you in disgust. Let them shy away from you, afraid the Rot will infect them. Let them fear you like death itself. Let them. They hate you, but they need you. Only you know the way through the Zone, the safe paths crossing the gravelands of the Old Age. You know where the artifacts are hidden, you know where the monsters roam. You are a Stalker.

Typical Names: Danko, Endel, Franton, Hammed, Max, Felin, Jena, Katin, Krin, Tula

Key Attribute: Agility

Specialist Skill: Find the Path


Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

  • Face: hidden under a hood, scarred face, hairless, sickly pale, bandaged
  • Body: androgynous, wiry, muscular, short
  • Clothes: raincoat, coverall, camouflage gear, army boots, backpack

Choose one, you can learn more later. Talents are explained in Chapter 4.


Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

  • walked with you in the Zone and lived.
  • is a pompous idiot. If he gets in your way, he’s going down.
  • might actually understand you. Do you dare to open up?
  • is a danger to everyone. Keep your distance.

Choose from the options below or decide for yourself.

You hate:
  • The Stalker Yassan, because he went deeper into the Zone than you.
  • The Enforcer Jonats, who killed your only friend.
  • The Chronicler Astrina, who won’t leave you alone.
You need to protect:
  • The Gearhead Pontiak. A pain in the neck, but without you he’s dead.
  • The Grunt Eriel. No one deserves a life of toil without end. Especially not her.
  • No one. If they can’t protect themselves they deserve to die.

Choose below or decide for yourself.

  • To venture deep into the Zone and find Eden.
  • To some day stop wandering and find peace.
  • To find something worth dying for.

You start the game with D6 bullets, D6 rations of grub and 2D6 rations of water.

Choose one of the following starting weapons: scrap rifle, scrap pistol, bow (with 5 arrows). You can buy extra gear with your bullets.