Against the Scarlet Triad
Against the Scarlet Triad
The slavers known as the Scarlet Triad have been defeated twice before, and now the time has come for the heroes to confront them in their stronghold in the sprawling city of Katapesh. But the Triad still enjoys the support of the city's government; before the organization can be destroyed, the PCs will need to undermine the Triad's reputation, a task requiring guile, force of arms, and luck. The Age of Ashes Adventure Path continues with “Against the Scarlet Triad,” a complete adventure for 15th- to 17th-level characters.

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Table Of Contents

Against the Scarlet Triad

by John Compton

Campaign Overview

Chapter 1: Seeking the City of Trade

Chapter 2: The Threefold Demise

Chapter 3: The Red Pyramid Raid

Ecology of the Witchwyrd

by John Compton

Lost Aiudara

by James L. Sutter


Adventure Toolbox

by John Compton and Tim Nightengale

Katapesh Items

Katapesh Poisoners

Katapesh Companions

Zephyr Guard Archetype


  • Aluum
  • Calikang
  • Daemon, Crucidaemon (Torture Daemon)
  • Demon, Nalfeshnee (Boar Demon)
  • Devil, Cornugon (Horned Devil)
  • Immortal Ichor
  • Solifugid
  • Witchwyrd
  • Xotanispawn


  • Uri Zandivar