Hellknight Hill
Hellknight Hill
Fires burn atop the ruined citadel on Hellknight Hill, sending plumes of red smoke into the air that could be a call for help. Within the old keep, strange invaders from a distant land, mysterious long-lost ruins, and the machinations of a shadowy organization await discovery. Something dire is building toward an apocalyptic event, and it falls to your characters to stop the end before it begins. The Age of Ashes Adventure Path begins with "Hellknight Hill"—a complete adventure for 1st- to 4th-level characters.

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Table Of Contents

Hellknight Hill

by Amanda Hamon

Campaign Overview

Chapter 1: The Council’s Chosen

Chapter 2: The Ruined Citadel

Chapter 3: The Citadel Below

Chapter 4: Breachill’s Secrets

Breachill, Outpost of Secrets

by Amanda Hamon


Adventure Toolbox

by Logan Bonner, Amanda Hamon, James Jacobs, and Jason Tondro

Alseta’s Ring and Dahak’s Wrath

Mengkare’s Story

The Scarlet Triad

Campaign Timeline

Age of Ashes Summary

Hellknight Hill Treasures


  • Renali
  • Voz Lirayne
  • Warbal Bumblebrasher


  • Anadi
  • Doorwarden
  • Emperor Bird
  • Grauladon
  • Graveshell
  • Hellcrown
  • Tixitog