A Taste of Ashes
A Taste of Ashes

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Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down!

The newest Blood Lords follow the trail of a deadly plot to the bone-walled metropolis of Yled, just as the city is gearing up for war against the undead nation's greatest enemy. From spectral theater performances to the city's secret defense installations, the Blood Lords race to stop a plan to bring forth horrors from beyond death—and before their foes leave nothing more than ashes in their wake.

A Taste of Ashes is a Pathfinder adventure for four less-than-good-hearted 15th-level characters. This adventure continues the Blood Lords Adventure Path, a six-part, monthly campaign in which the characters rise from skilled troubleshooters to join the Blood Lords who rule a land of the dead. The adventure also details the Warmaster Council orchestrating the nation's defenses and explores trade routes across the Inner Sea region. New items, spells, monsters, and more await in A Taste of Ashes.

This adventure includes:

  • Theatrical and shadow-inspired items and spells for adding excitement both on and off the stage
  • New creatures including the wily Theater Phantasm and the fearsome Facetbound
  • A new Mystery for Oracle characters inspired by what lies beneath...
  • And more, all set within a tale of intrigue and exploration!

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Table Of Contents

A Taste of Ashes

by Brian Duckwitz

Campaign Overview

Chapter 1: City of Soldiers

Chapter 2: In the Playhouse

Chapter 3: The Bound One

Inner Sea Trade

by John Compton

The Warmaster Council

by Brian Duckwitz


Adventure Toolbox

by Brian Duckwitz

Player Rules

  • Aeon Stones
  • Theater Items
  • Shadow Items
  • Rituals and Spells
  • Ashes Mystery


  • Afziaka
  • Darvakka, Umbraex
  • Facetbound
  • Necrohulk
  • Tenebric Giant
  • Theater Phantasm


  • Ghiasi the Unraveler
  • Pokmit Bloody-Pike