The Ghouls Hunger
The Ghouls Hunger

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The Bloody Burden of Aristocracy!

Formally inducted to the Blood Lords as recognition for their past victories, the player characters soon find that the dangers hidden in this prestigious role are as great as the rewards. The new aristocrats of Geb must fend off intrigues of their power-hungry peers, escort the priest-king of a subterranean ghoul nation, and quell a cannibalistic cult—all while investigating the plot to poison living residents across Geb and beyond. The mysterious mastermind behind this plot stalks the halls of power, where the characters now tread, and he knows that his enemies are closing in!

The Ghouls Hunger is a Pathfinder adventure for four less-than-good-hearted 11th-level characters. This adventure continues the Blood Lords Adventure Path, a six-part, monthly campaign in which the characters rise from skilled troubleshooters to join the Blood Lords who rule a land of the dead. The adventure also details the worship of Kabriri, the demon lord of ghouls, and presents numerous downtime activities for the newest Blood Lords to expand their authority. New items, feats, monsters, and more abound when The Ghouls Hunger.

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Table Of Contents

The Ghouls Hunger

by Leo Glass and James Jacobs

Campaign Overview

Chapter 1: Aristocrats of Blood

Chapter 2: Tower of Gnawed Bones

Chapter 3: A Plot of Poison

Chapter 4: The Hanging Castle


by James Jacobs


Adventure Toolbox

by Leo Glass and James Jacobs

Player Rules

  • Mechitar
  • Blood Lord Machinations
  • Ghoul Archetype Feats
  • Magic Items


  • Bloodshroud
  • Demon, Urglid
  • Ghoul
  • Pyrogeist
  • Rotbomber
  • Straugh
  • Terrorguard


  • Hyrune Loxenna
  • Kortash Khain