Zombie Feast
Zombie Feast
Something gnawing at you?

The undead nation of Geb gains most of its international trade from the export of food grown on zombie-worked farms, but lately one farm has been the site of a series of strange occurrences. Dispatched to investigate the problem, the player characters discover a grave threat to Geb's minority living population, bringing them to the attention of the insidious Blood Lords who rule the land in the name of their undead wizard-king. Defeating the wicked forces behind the plot is the first step on a long road to gaining influence and power in Geb, but if the investigators can't solve the problem to the Blood Lords' satisfaction, their first step may be their last!

Zombie Feast is a Pathfinder adventure for four less-than-good-hearted 1st-level characters. The adventure begins the Blood Lords Adventure Path, a six-part, monthly campaign in which the characters rise from skilled troubleshooters to join the Blood Lords who rule a land of the dead. The adventure also details the Great Factions of Geb, whose favors are key to rising in political influence, and provides a complete gazetteer of the town of Graydirge, where the adventure takes place. New monsters, spells, undead companions, and more round out the bountiful buffet of "Zombie Feast"!

This purchase unlocks the contents of this source in the Digital Reader and Game Compendium on Pathfinder NEXUS, as well as in additional features as they enter Early Access.

Table Of Contents

Campaign Overview

Zombie Feast

  • Chapter 1: A Taste of Treachery
  • Chapter 2: Marrow and Mystery
  • Chapter 3: Spoiled Rotten


Factions of Geb

    Adventure Toolbox

    Player Rules
    • Undead Companions
    • Kuthite Spells
    • Corpse Tender Archetype
    • Animated Bones
    • Charghar
    • Cobblebone Swarm
    • Necromunculus
    • Skull Fairy
    • Troll
    • Zombie
    • Kepgeda the Hag-Nailed