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Dark Archive

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Reveal the Paranormal

From the fringes, the unknown beckons. Pathfinder Dark Archive contains secrets that any player or GM can use to reveal the paranormal lurking in their Pathfinder games! This spine-tinglingly secretive rulebook presents two new character classes perfect for delving into the unexplained: Unleash the untold power of your mind as the psychic or leverage supernatural secrets and mystic implements as the thaumaturge!

Beyond these new classes, eight secret case files each provide player options, GM tools, and lore into a different paranormal topic, including:

  • Strange cryptids glimpsed in the night, gear to track them, and the powers you might gain by surviving an encounter with one
  • Cults and esoteric belief, with apocryphal divine magic and the secret of becoming a living vessel for an eldritch being
  • Temporal anomalies, with archetypes that skim along the surface of time and a new mystery for oracles unbound from causality

Each file concludes with a short adventure to immerse players in the paranormal, spanning across Golarion—play all eight to uncover the inexplicable phenomena of the Age of Lost Omens!

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Table Of Contents


The Archivist's Training Manual

  • Psychic
  • Thaumaturge
  • Psychic (Archetype)
  • Thaumaturge (Archetype)

The Stolen Casefiles


Eyes in the Forest, Tracks in the Mud

  • Creature Aftermath Feats
  • Experimental Adjustment
  • Mutant Adjustment
  • Primeval Adjustment
  • Rumored Adjustment
  • Cryptid Gear
  • Cryptid Feats
  • The Beast of Birchfrost

Secret Societies

A Web of Connections

  • Occult Skill Feats
  • Secret Society Adjustment
  • Secret Society Gear
  • Membership Services
  • Shaking the Helping Hand

Deviant Abilities

Spontaneous Ignition of Supernatural Might

  • Deviant Abilities
  • Deviant Spells
  • A Song of Making and Unmaking

Mirrors and Imposters

Doors Into the Echoing Pale

  • Reflection (Versatile Heritage)
  • Hazards Of Perception
  • Alter Ego (Archetype)
  • Lady of the Harvest


Prayers Uttered in Darkness

  • Living Vessel (Archetype)
  • Apocryphal Domain Spells
  • Cult Rituals
  • The Verdure of Iblydos

Curses and Pacts

A Chain of Consequences to Bind the Soul

  • Pacts (Rare Witch Patron)
  • Cursed Items
  • Tempting Curses
  • Bargained Contracts
  • Pactbinder (Archetype)
  • Curse Maelstrom (Archetype)
  • Wishes in Krasnoprudny

Temporal Anomalies

Twists in Endless River

  • Temporal Spells
  • Time Mage (Archetype)
  • Chronoskimmer (Archetype)
  • Time Oracle Mystery
  • Tomorrow’s Feast


Lands of Thought and Imagination

  • Mindscape Statistics
  • Psychic Duels
  • Psychic Duelist (Archetype)
  • Mind Smith (Archetype)
  • Sleepwalker (Archetype)
  • The Last Dream


  • Spell Lists
  • Item List
  • Glossary & Index