Dinner at Lionlodge
Dinner at Lionlodge
A Grand Dinner

Invited to a hunting lodge to attend a grand dinner, the PCs are in for a treat. Initially called forth to go on an exciting hunt the following day, an uncomfortable meal causes some trepidation. The eccentric hunter who inhabits the lodge has other plans for his guests. Can the group figure out what's going on before their dinner is ruined?

This short Pathfinder 2nd edition adventure written by James Jacobs is intended to be completed in a single session and includes four 4th-level pregenerated characters, who make 'use of the new ancestries in Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide and Pathfinder Lost Omens Ancestry Guide, whose backstories and motivations tie closely into the plot of the adventure.

Table Of Contents


  • Getting Started
  • Arrival at Lionlodge
  • Exploring Lionlodge
  • Auldegrund Returns
  • Concluding the Adventure
  • Character Hints

Character Art and Map