Head Shot the Rot
Head Shot the Rot

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All in a Gunslinger's Night's Work

Taking a much-needed relaxing break in between escapades, four gun-toting adventurers post up in a dingy bar in one of Alkenstar's entertainment districts. Right across the street at a theater, people flood inside to catch the premiere of a highly-advertised play, but what comes out of the theater is far more dangerous. As people scatter to safety in the dusty streets, its up to the group of gunslingers in the bar to set things right.

This short Pathfinder 2nd edition adventure written by Michael Sayre is intended to be completed in a single session and includes four 3rd-level pregenerated gunslinger characters, who make use of the exciting new equipment and rules found in Pathfinder Guns & Gears, whose backstories and motivations tie closely to one another.

A Pathfinder one-shot designed for 3rd level adventurers.

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Table Of Contents


  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Concluding the Adventure

Character Art and Map