Kingmaker Adventure Path
Kingmaker Adventure Path

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Pathfinder’s most-popular campaign ever returns in this massive new compilation updated to the latest Pathfinder rules! In this new, revised version of the classic Kingmaker Adventure Path campaign, the Stolen Lands have long been the domain of bandits and monsters, but no longer! Your party has been granted a charter to explore these wilds, defeat its dangers, and build a brand new nation. Yet not everyone will welcome you as new neighbors, and powerful supernatural forces have their own plans for the region. Can you defeat your kingdom’s enemies and become leaders of one of the greatest new nations in the world?

This edition of the Kingmaker Adventure Path contains:

  • All six chapters of the original Kingmaker Adventure Path, expanded and updated for use with Pathfinder Second Edition.
  • Hundreds of pages of new content that expands the campaign to cover the full range of levels from 1 to 20.
  • Works with tie-in Bestiaries (sold separately from Paizo) to allow easy conversion to Pathfinder First Edition or the Fifth Edition rules of the world’s oldest roleplaying game!
  • Extensive rules for building and running kingdoms, settlements, and armies, along with narrative-based rules for resolving mass combat encounters.
  • Eleven new alchemical items and spells to discover.
  • Sixteen new monsters, ranging from mundane but dangerous wild animals to potent supernatural threats that will challenge even the most powerful of heroes.

Purchasing this digital title unlocks the content in the digital reader on Pathfinder NEXUS, as well as in additional tools as they become available during Early Access.

Table Of Contents

Introduction: Into the Stolen Lands

Campaign Synopsis

Running Kingmaker

Character Creation

Chapter 1: A Call for Heroes

Part 1: The Swordlord's Feast

Part 2: Blood and Blades

Part 3: Into the Fire

Chapter 2: Into the Wild

Part 1: Hexploring the Stolen Lands

Part 2: Hex Encounters

Part 3: The Old Sycamore

Part 4: Sootscale Caverns

Part 5: The Lonely Barrow

Part 6: Isle of the Lizard King

Part 7: Candlemere Island

Part 8: The Forgotten Keep

Part 9: M’botuu

Chapter 3: Stolen Lands

Part 1: Trouble at Oleg's

Part 2: Bandits of the Greenbelt

Part 3: Against the Stag Lord

Chapter 4: Rivers Run Red

Part 1: Home Sweet Home

Part 2: Troll Trouble

Part 3: Hunting the Beast

Chapter 5: Cult of the Bloom

Part 1: Seeds of Ruin

Part 2: Full Bloom

Part 3: The Cradle of Lamashtu

Chapter 6: The Varnhold Vanishing

Part 1: Before the Vanishing

Part 2: The Vanished Village

Part 3: Among Nomen

Part 4: Vordakai’s Tomb

Chapter 7: Blood for Blood

Part 1: Trouble in Tatzlford

Part 2: Fort Drelev

Part 3: The Twice-Born Warlord

Chapter 8: War of the River Kings

Part 1: The Rushlight Treachery

Part 2: Behind Enemy Lines

Part 3: The Ghost of Whiterose

Part 4: Infiltration

Chapter 9: They Lurk Below

Part 1: Threshold of Dread

Part 2: The Depth of Fear

Chapter 10: Sound of a Thousand Screams

Part 1: A Month of Destruction

Part 2: A Thousand Breaths

Part 3: House at the Edge of Time

Chapter 11: Curse of the Lantern King

Part 1: A Broken Apology

Part 2: The Lantern Kingdom


  • Beyond the Campaign
  • Kingdoms
  • Warfare
  • Kingmaker Treasures
  • NPCs and Monsters
  • Additional Resources