Lost Omens Bundle
Lost Omens Bundle
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The Lost Omens Bundle adds all official Pathfinder 2nd Edition Lost Omens sourcebooks to your digital library on Pathfinder NEXUS!

Experience adventure like never before during the tumultuous Age of Lost Omens:

For Players

  • Over 30 new and expanded ancestries and heritages
  • Dozens of feats and spells to ready your characters for the challenges that await them in this uncertain era
  • Unique backgrounds and archetypes that embed your characters in the cultures and conflicts that abound in the Age of Lost Omens

For Game Masters

  • In-depth profiles on legendary figures within the world, with story ideas for how your players can become embroiled in their causes, schemes, and conflicts
  • Unique shops (and their wares)
  • Richly-detailed regions, territories, and cities ready for your players to explore
  • Countless adventure hooks and ideas to fuel your campaigns

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The Pathfinder NEXUS Lost Omens Bundle Includes: