Lost Omens: Highhelm
Lost Omens: Highhelm

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Delve the mountain deep!

When the first dwarves reached the surface of Golarion, they built enormous keeps as a monument to their legacy and to serve as their new home. The mightiest of these keeps was Highhelm, a Sky Citadel deep in the Five Kings Mountains. While other Sky Citadels have fallen since the Quest for Sky, Highhelm holds strong, serving as one of the major centers of dwarven culture.

Lost Omens Highhelm delves deep into the Emperor's Peak to present Highhelm in all its glory. This book details everyday life in the city, dwarven culture, and the various clans that influence the Sky Citadel. It also provides a full gazetteer of the city's layers and surroundings, each with adventuring locations and sites of intrigue suitable for a multitude of adventures. Characters looking for new options can visit Highhelm for new equipment, ancestry feats, animal companions, and more!

Written by: Dan Cascone, Caryn DiMarco, Dana Ebert, Sen H.H.S., Michelle Jones, Stephanie Lundeen, Liane Merciel, Matt Morris, Dave Nelson, Nathan Reinecke, Mikhail Rekun, Erin Roberts, Owen K.C. Stephens, Andrew White, and Shan Wolf.

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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • A King’s Wish
  • Highhelm Overview
  • History
  • Government, Law, and Crime
  • Trade and Industry
  • Culture and Customs
  • The Clans
  • Notable Figures

Chapter 2: Gazetteer

  • Introduction
  • King’s Crown
  • King’s Crown Options
  • King’s Heart
  • King’s Heart Options
  • Stonebreach
  • Stonebreach Options
  • The Depths
  • Five Kings Mountains

Chapter 3: Highhelm Options

  • Defenders of Highhelm
  • Dwarven Options
  • Highhelm Gear
  • From Dwarven Legends
  • Angradd
  • Bolka
  • Dranngvit
  • Folgrit
  • Grundinnar
  • Kols
  • Magrim
  • Trudd
  • Avatars and Pantheon
  • Highhelm Animals
  • Bloodstorm
  • Grand Defender
  • Graul
  • Pagulin

Glossary & Index