Lost Omens: Legends
Lost Omens: Legends
Meet the Legends

It's not always what you know, but who you know! The heroes of the Age of Lost Omens forge their path through an uncertain world, but that world has been shaped by many others who came before or who now stand beside them! Lost Omens: Legends provides details on 42 of the Inner Sea region's biggest personalities, from queens and kings that rule the present to distant figures from Golarion's past. Uncover details from the inner lives of movers and shakers from all around the globe, as well as the secret techniques, items, and knowledge PCs might gain from encountering these larger-than-life figures!

This pre-order unlocks the contents of this source in the digital reader on Pathfinder Nexus, as well as in additional features as they enter Early Access.

Table Of Contents


Legends A-G

  • Abrogail Thrune II
  • Andira Marusek
  • Anong Arunak
  • Ardax the White-Hair
  • Artokus Kirran
  • Avarneus
  • Azaersi
  • Baba Yaga
  • Belimarius and Sorshen
  • Camilia Drannoch
  • Choral the Conqueror
  • Geb

Legends H-M

  • Hao Jin
  • Hashim ibn Sayyid
  • Irabeth Tirabade
  • Irahai
  • Jakalyn
  • Janatimo
  • Old-Mage Jatembe
  • Kalabrynne and Clarethe Iomedar
  • Kassi Aziril
  • Kevoth-Kul
  • Khismar Crookchar
  • Licktoad Goblins
  • Magdelena and Martum Fallows

Legends N-Z

  • Nankou
  • Nex
  • Razmir
  • Sapphire Butterfly
  • Shimali Manux
  • Sihar
  • Taargick
  • Tar-Baphon
  • Telandia Edasseril
  • Tessa Fairwind
  • Thira Ash-Eyes
  • Toulon Vidoc
  • Ulthun II
  • White Estrid
  • Wynsal Starborn
  • Xerbystes II, Hebizid Vraj, and Deena al-Parishat

Entwined Destinies