Rulebooks Bundle
Rulebooks Bundle
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The Pathfinder NEXUS Rulebooks Bundle adds all official Pathfinder 2nd Edition books to your digital library on Pathfinder NEXUS!

For Players

  • 20 character classes
  • Over a dozen ancestries
  • More than 120 backgrounds
  • Hundreds of Feats and Spells

For Game Masters

  • Dozens of new options, variant rules, and subsystems to make your games uniquely you
  • Over 1,000 monsters to surprise and challenge your players
  • Hundreds of magic items, treasures, and pieces of equipment to reward (or curse!) your heroes

Already own some books on Pathfinder NEXUS? Demiplane automatically reduces the bundle price by the amount you’ve already paid.

Want to keep your sourcebooks up-to-date? Purchasing the Pathfinder NEXUS Rulebooks Bundle unlocks an ongoing 15% discount off the regular price for all future Pathfinder 2nd Edition sourcebooks on Pathfinder NEXUS!

This purchase unlocks the contents of these sources in the digital reader on Pathfinder Nexus, as well as in additional features as they enter Early Access.

The Pathfinder NEXUS Rulebooks Bundle Includes: