The Blackwood Lost
The Blackwood Lost

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 3rd- through 6th-level characters.

The Pathfinder dig site near the Tskikha iruxi enclave in the Blackwood Swamp was, for some time now, considered one of the safer Azlanti ruins to investigate, to the point that it was used as field training for groups of initiates. Having been cleared out years ago by agents, the site was an archeological treasure trove for learning of the elemental magics of ancient Azlant. Something has gone wrong though. The elemental planes have changed in ways that scholars are, even now, struggling to understand, and the latent power within those ruins has manifested. It's been weeks since anyone has heard from the initiates currently on site or the iruxi allies nearby. The Pathfinders must race against time into the bizarre magics wrought by the elements to rescue the Blackwood lost.

Written by Alison Cybe

Scenario tags: Faction (Envoy's Alliance, Verdant Wheel)

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Table Of Contents



Adventure Background

Getting Started

Into the Swamp

Short-Term Sanctuary

Into the Maelstrom


Chronicle Code: TFWG

Play Time: 4–5 Hours

Levels: 3-6

Players: 3-6


Appendix 1: Level 3-4 Encounters

Appendix 2: Level 5–6 Encounters

Appendix 3: Game Aids

Organized Play