Ukuja, the First Wall
Ukuja, the First Wall

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 7th- through 10th-level characters.

A new portal has been discovered in the Maze of the Open Road, and the Society has sent the PCs to investigate what secrets remain on the other side. The PCs discover the settlement of Ukuja, first of the nine walls that make up the Matanji orcs's aptly named Nine Walls nation. There, the PCs fall under scrutiny for a fiendish plot to destabilize the fortress settlement and must work to prove their innocence, all while discovering the true villain behind a fiendish invasion!

Written by Shan Wolf

Scenario tags: Metaplot (Unfettered Exploration), Faction (Horizon Hunters, Vigilant Seal)

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Table Of Contents



Adventure Background

Getting Started

Through the Maze

A. Town Square Tussle

The Battlefield Aftermath

B. Deserted Temple of Sarenrae

C. Foreboding Darkness


Chronicle Code: UGN6

Play Time: 4-5 Hours

Levels: 7-10

Players: 3-6


Appendix 1: Level 7–8 Encounters

Appendix 2: Level 9–10 Encounters

Appendix 3: Game Aids

Organized Play